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An artist of Russian origin, I was born and grew up in Tashkent, Uzbekistan (Former Soviet Union) into a family in which both of my parents were artists. I was greatly influenced by my father, the renown artist Anatoly Zhiboedov. I studied painting and stage design at Republican Art School and Tashkent Institute of Fine Arts. At that time puppet theater seemed to be the place where my creative abilities could be utilized most fully. My work designing a few puppet shows was awarded with First Prize on IV Puppet Shows festival of Central Asia, 1993.

In 1995 I moved to the United States with my family. There my artistic path made another turn. I realized my long time interest in jewelry making. For 6 years I worked as a jewelry designer in New York City. Now I work for Metal&Stone Jewelry in Charlotte making high-end custom designed pieces. I enjoy turning my artistic fantasies and inspirations into unique pendants, rings, and earrings - pieces of wearable art.

I have always continued fine art painting. My main subject is the landscape. Residing in a small NC town, I find great inspiration in the unembellished simplicity of nature and rural life: in shadowy rivers and lakes, sunlit trees and lawns, in seasonal changes of foliage and lighting conditions. I strive to capture the subtle beauty of everyday life, simple, emotional moments of human interaction within a natural environment: fishing, canoeing, kids splashing in shallow waters, and quiet reflective walks - these are the subjects I like to depict. My occasional travels added to my portfolio dynamic New York cityscapes, serene paintings of Cape Code marshes, and seascapes of the Pacific Coast.

Among the techniques I use are oil, pastel, and gouache. Lately, I've been especially concentrating on mastering the medium of watercolor. Unique, challenging, and unpredictable, the watercolor requires solid drawing skills, a delicate balance of careful planning and spontaneity.

Modern technologies such as the Internet gave me the opportunity to show my artwork to a wide audience. My paintings are featured in numerous private collections in 45 States of America, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and UK.

"Self Portrait, oil, 2007 "
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